Bring nature right to your work place or relax after a long day; enjoy a zen balanced life, control you’re surrounding light and dress your windows in nature art with ShadeCreators bamboo venetian blinds.

Bamboo Venetian Blinds ensures that Tropical looking you are looking for, they are 100% handmade from an opened half spliced and flattened bamboo stem sheets, this manufacturing technique keeps the unique look of the bamboo outer layer and stem nods vivid.

Bamboo blinds are your right pick for gardens, terraces and patios. Alternatively, shadecreators bamboo blinds are used as floor carpets, wall & ceiling coverings and in other decorative applications.

ShadeCreators Bamboo Blinds is a smart scalable product, available in various standard sizes with flexible customization options. Bamboo Blinds are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. ShadeCreators window blinds provides you with sun heat, noise, and wind protection, moreover, they are a perfect solution for privacy seekers while allowing soft light in.

تصنع ستائرنا البامبو يدويًا حيث انها تمنح لدينا نظرة استوائية فريدة من نوعها . وهى توفر حماية ممتازة ضد أشعة الشمس و الحرارة مع توفير الخصوصية .


Bamboo Blinds

ZEN Life

dress your windows with tropical nature


100 % Handmade product


for indoor and outdoor applications


Sun light, heat, noise, wind and dirt


Up to 2 years from Shade Creators