Whether its harmful sun rays prevention, high and low temperature control, prying eyes and thievery protection is what you are looking for, look no further, ShadeCreators Roller Shutter are your choice.

Window Roller Shutter are the safest window dressing available in the market, they are luxurious and meant to impress; fabricated from premium high grade Poly Vinyl Chloride, Roller Shutter sturdy slats are stacked firmly when closed to form a highly insulating air cushion which leads to; 45% better thermal isolation and outside noise reduction up to 10 decibels.

يتميز الشيش حصيرة الألمنيوم المحقونة هارد فوم بالعزل الحرارى للغرفة و الذى يوفر فى استخدام الطاقة والعزل  الصوتى الذى يخفض من مستوى الضجيج الخارجي إلى حد كبيير لتستمتع  و تضمن نوما جيدا ليلا , و نوفر لك ايضا التحكم عن بعد بلمسة واحدة  على ريموت كنترول او عن طريق استخدام الهاتف المحمول  لمنحك أعلى مستويات الراحة

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Self Storage Unit Shutter door or roller door of factory building use for industrial background.
Security comes first

ShadeCreators Roller Shutter are a flexible and practical asset for a better secure property with a maximized privacy control, moreover, Roller Shutter Blinds are an adaptable dynamic solution for protection of windows, doors, balconies, garages, storefronts and shops

ShadeCreators Roller Shutter are designed with Break-in protection in mind and comes with an automated locking mechanism; stopping the vertical ascending motion of the window shutter to prevent peeping eyes and to keep malice intruders away.

يتميز شيش الحصيرة  بالحماية ضد السرقة و السطو حيث يستخدم فى الادوار الارضية و المنخفضة و التى يسهل الوصول اليها  , لذا يعد الانفاق علي حمايتها امر منطقى جدا و يتميز بسهولة التشغيل بمفتاح التحكم عن بعد من خلال الريموت كنترول او عن طريق استخدام هاتفك المحمول


Roller Shutters


temperature with 45% better thermal isolation


Up to 10 decibels noise reduction


with special break-in anti thievery lock


Flexible and versatile modern design


Up to 2 years from Shade Creators

Quality shutters Inpartnership with Nile Company For Industry & Equipment

Nile Company for Industry and Equipment was founded in 1995 in the city of Cairo for manufacturing, trade, and the installation of door and window belongings. Rolling Shutters is one of the most important divisions in our company, Introducing the Rolling Shutters to the Egyptian market was a challenge for there was a lack of awareness of how essential this product is to the built environment. Our priority is to always meet our valued customers’ expectations and to further progress and prosper.