Motorized systems and controls. the French company which became a world leader

Created in 1969, Somfy is a French group originating from the Haute Savoie region, at the heart of the Arve valley in Cluses, a major site in the steel cutting industry. While remaining true to its values, Somfy is now present in over 60 countries and is the world leader in door and window automation for the home and building industry, with over 100 million motors sold worldwide.


Absolute Comfort

Control your blinds using a remote control, tablet or smartphone.

Maximum Silence

unequalled acoustic performance when raising and lowering blinds

Energy Reduction

automatically adjusts to help control energy spending effectively
Sensors, Switches &

Remote Controllers

To control one piece or one group of equipments

Decorative and designed for your interior

  • The choice of 4 colours for each type of décor, for each way of life
  • Modern soft touch finish, confortable in the hand
  • Ergonomics curves, refined silhouette
  • Discreet wall support


  • 4 decorative linings: pure, silver, gold, rose gold
  • Several version to meet your needs:

1 channel for single application

2 channels, ideal for double curtains (sheer and blackout)

5 channels for your best convenience

Soliris versions 1 or 5 channels, ideal to manage one or several equipments and the sun function associated with the sun sensors RTS

  • An ultra-simple intuitive control
  • 3 buttons: Up, Down, Stop and “My”

The centralized remote control to manage up to 16 groups of applications

Comfort of centralization
– The user can manage easily all house applications thanks to the presence of 16 channels

Easy to use
– The user can name and assign icons to each group of applications
– Telis 16 RTS proposes a large screen detailing all information which can be read comfortably

Peace of mind
– Close all motorized applications with a single click

Easy to adapt to the environment
– Wall mounted and choice of 2 finishes (pure & silver) that match all decors

5 channels for centralized control of your motorized devices

Essential functions all together:

  • Single use: Up, down, Stop, “my” function
  • Multiple:5 channels for centralized control of your motorized devices
  • « my » function to memorize your favorite position of the application and find it instantly by pressing « my » button
  • Practical: low battery indicator
  • Sustainable: designed in accordance with the Act For Green criteria

Ideal forcentralized control of your blinds, rolling shutters and even your light!

The new wireless wall-mounted RTS range. Sensitive technology that interacts intuitively with all house openings.

  • Up / Stop (“my” button) / Down functions
    Open / Stop (« my » button) / Close functions

  • Wireless
    – Wireless control unit. Can be placed anywhere. No cabling.
  • Electrical frames compatibility
    – Fits into german electrical frames (compatible with DIN 49075 standard).
  • Battery low indicator
    – Helps with your remote diagnosis (remaining battery life) and ensures that the user’s control unit will always be on.
  • “my” function
    – Memorizes the favorite position of a product and allows you to find it instantly by pressing the «my» button. Simple to program and to modify.
  • 1 channel
Track , Side &

Tubular Motors

Easy to install

Easy to use
– Remote control
– Centralization function: move more than one roller blind from a remote
– Manage your blind with a single remote control
– Upgradeable system
– The “my” position that allows you an intermediate position
– Memory capacity: 12 channels and 3 sensors

Compatible with all RTS controls Somfy range
– Compatible with sun sensors


Convenient usage

  • LS 40 : the complete range in class II  for all 40 diameter applications : screen , home cinema screen
  • High speed.
  • Can be used for:
    – Window: up to 5 m2
    – Motor box: Small size (50/60)
  • + Screws and bolts bag.


A quiet and smart motorized track for all curtain types and shapes.

    • Designed for silence
    • Soft start and Soft stop
    • Manual operation possible in case of power failure
    • Touch Motion
      – Open and close the curtain simply by pulling on the fabric.
    • Adjustable speed
      – Adjustable Up to 20 cm/s.

Large offer for all heavy curtains types and shapes

Simple, effortless and comfort
– Quiet operation
– Move your curtains effortlessly

Protect your curtain

– Soft stop and soft start to protect the fabric
– Back release

Discreet integration and home 
– Rail design and swivel design ceiling bracket minimize the light gap
– Can be also hidden false ceiling (top mount kit)

The Somfy Movelite™ 35 RTS Electric Curtain Track is a mains powered, compact solution offering simple curtain motorisation.

  • Easy installation.
  • No need to pull on heavy or hard to reach curtains.
  • Great for reducing glare or creating instant privacy.
  • Smooth, quiet operation and the ability to set a favourite position with your Smoove wall switch.
  • Smartphone/tablet app provides control from virtually anywhere.
  • Touch Motion – gently pull on the fabric and the motor will operate the curtains open or closed
  • Manually operate your curtains at any time.
  • Reliable Somfy motor with a full 3 year warranty for peace of mind.
Gates &

Garage Motors

Easy to install

  • Easy access to ground fixation screws from the top
  • Get started in 2 minutes; All setting are pre-programmed
  •  Intuitive ergonomics & an Integrated communicative screen
  •  Real-time display of each programming stage
  •  Connection of multiple accessories
  •  Real-time display of motor status
  •  Suitable for residential use and tested for 55,000 openings and closings
  • Long lifetime with soft stop at the end of travel
  • Compatible with solar power supply, in cases where mains electricity is difficult to obtain


3S Control Box

A robust motor
Durability withstanding use for up to 60 openings and closings per day
Soft stop

Meeting your need for efficiency
Installation requiring no special tools and no welding
Adjustable fixing brackets, adapting to all installation configurations
Motorizable single-leaf gates with a single-motor reference

 Safe to use
Its non-reversing mechanism provides excellent resistance against high winds or forcing, A special key allows easy unlocking from inside

Compatible with solar power supply, in cases where mains electricity is difficult to obtain